Corporate & Regional Offices

SBE truly has a nationwide footprint. Our warehouse and office locations, all of which have local manpower, inventory, and equipment, blanket the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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Commercial lighting and electrical services for over 20 years.

  • Philips
  • GE
  • Sylvania
  • Gexpro
  • Wesco

Utility Rebates

Staybright Electric (SBE) works with local energy companies across the United States. Most of them offer rebate programs as incentives to retrofit and promote other energy reducing projects. Rebates are offered for a wide variety of lighting projects in all 50 states.

Rebate Administration

SBE can handle all of the rebate administration so you will not have to waste valuable resources. Whether you have a 1 million square foot warehouse or a 500 square foot office, we can get the maximum rebate for utilities possible.

Savings you can See

Most programs offer rebates that cover or pay for up to 50% of the project cost. If you couple that with the energy savings, your lighting project can pay for itself within a year.

Contact SBE to take advantage of these rebates today!

Projects we offer that will qualify for utility rebates:

  • Retrofitting from HID fixtures to T5 fluorescent fixtures
  • Retrofitting from 4 lamp T8 fixtures to 2 lamp T8 fixtures with reflector shields
  • Relamping to a new low wattage lamps and replacing the fixture ballasts
  • Implementing lighting controls (motion sensors and timers to be used in conjunction with a lighting system upgrade)
  • Retrofitting from your existing lights to LEDs

*SBE can also work with the utility company in your state to create a custom rebate plan