Corporate & Regional Offices

SBE truly has a nationwide footprint. Our warehouse and office locations, all of which have local manpower, inventory, and equipment, blanket the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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Commercial lighting and electrical services for over 20 years.

  • Philips
  • GE
  • Sylvania
  • Gexpro
  • Wesco

Electrical Controls, Building Controls

Staybright Electric (SBE) knows that one of the most effective ways for companies to save money on their facility costs is by reducing energy consumption. Electrical Controls and Building Controls are one of the easiest ways to cut your energy bill.

SBE has strategic partnerships with major manufacturers that design and build various types of building controls from lighting controls and temperature controls to occupancy sensors.

SBE has the resources and ability to recommend and install various building controls to make your facilities smarter and cheaper to maintain.

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